we try to make lasting connections and we appreciate the fact that we are able to work with extremely creative and amazing professionals. we value the time and understand that for most of our collaborators building a new website, maintaining an existing one or ensuring the metadata is displayed properly on Facebook posts is only a sidetrack activity within their daily routines.

we try to blend in, get to know them and their business and after kick starting a web project we build the main architecture, help with creation of assets and gathering of necessary information and ensure their web needs are met without putting too much strain on their daily routines.

in this somewhat cushioned and secure environment we try to ensure that at least in terms of digital PR the product under development has a design documentation; has been somewhat tested; leaves the hangar and reaches the launchpad in an orderly manner.

our flight control team also monitors closely first few minutes of flight ensuring the whole thing does not hit the ground few seconds after the lift off in some spectacular PR fiasco.

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