given the definition of the word it is somewhat surprising that so many of those who embark on development of a digital product seem to perceive “launch” of the product as its “landing”; “mission accomplished!”; pats on the back and rounds of “job well done” toasts kind of thing.

we love this rosy picture and always get excited like kids when new project comes along but … we recognise that the reality of online publishing or web development is somewhat different. so if your action plan and/or business model include sentiments like “build it and they will come” or something similar, we are very likely to insist you get back to your drawing board and we would be happy to assist you in drawing up something more realistic than “build it and they will come” action plan.

throughout the development we will be strongly encouraging you to think as strategically as possible about your online business whatever this business might be.

in most cases we will be building or helping you in building a tool for starting a conversation; a platform on which you will engage with your client and provide online audiences with relevant to them information and which at the same time is related to your professional practice, services or product.

we will help you to some extent in this task and provide you with resources that might help you hit the ground running.

and despite what was said above we will strongly encourage throwing a party.

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