if you want to build your new digital product on projekt:kreatywa then we are happy to tell you that setting up an account on the network as well as kicking off the development is free.

we pay for the hosting, maintain the network and provide any support necessary to members of our community thus allowing them to take full control over their wordpress powered website.

in cases where you feel rich and uninterested in closely looking over the scss that makes up your future website and would rather have us taking the control over the development we would like to gladly report that projekt:kreatywa could do so for you and then write you an invoice.

in all such cases we suggest that you drop us a line explaining the scope of your planned initiative which will lead to us registering you as a member and providing you with first outline of the specification of the potential new projekt:kreatywa site.

after ensuring there are no “deal-breakers” in our respective “visions” of the potential project, we will work with you on somewhat detailed specification. at this stage the price for our close engagement will obviously depend on complexity of the product you would want us to build as well as any other factors that might be relevant.

we are very flexible with our pricing and even though the balance will always have no less than three digits, we are happy to work on low budget especially in cases of small and simple professional websites for creative individuals and independent innovative project sites.

having said that we can as easily create large social networking platform in case you need one for your local community or any other web solution/service you are working on and we like talking with entrepreneurs of any kind, shape and size.

and in case you are wondering whether we will insist on our branding on your site be reassured that “white label” is the standard for us not a feature for which you need to pay extra.

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