projekt:kreatywa was conceived during the summer of 2013 as a small networking web app for professionals from creative industries with a view at bridging the technology gap between those who can code and those who cannot.

it was built and run by weAreThePlayMakers, small digital production agency from london and commissioned by rafszul, dzon cesarz and marcin chojnacki.

with its main base of operation in one of the most diverse boroughs of London projekt:kreatywa found itself in a perfect place to facilitate connections between creative professionals and service providers from wide range of industries. all the while providing digital services and developing marketing solutions aimed at digital platforms for those involved.

as for today, being involved with the initiative means an organisation or individual can count on solid framework, versatile tech stack and secure environment for conducting all those data transactions that make up large portion of our 21 century professional realities.

whether you are an owner of a brick-and-mortar businesses looking to expand your reach online; a charitable organisation with tight budget or a freelance designer working from home who is just about to build your first serious website, projekt:kreatywa could help you boost your efforts; provide secure and reliable e-commerce platform; that is fully integrated with social media platforms; a splash page for an upcoming local event; or give you an opportunity to build your own online presence without relying on “one size fits all” cheap and poorly supported solution.

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